Set your business goals for the next 3, 6 or 12 months

Start attending networking events and make sure you’re remembered. Don’t just talk about what you do, tell people about your personal interests whether it’s music, jet skiing or something outrageous! You’re more likely to be remembered if you’re not ‘just another contractor’.

builder networking event

Prioritise and deal with challenges

We all have challenges; cashflow, attracting enough customers, working long hours, having a team you can rely on when you’re not there etc. Consider getting a business coach like we did. Just the same as a sports coach, he/she keeps you focussed on your goals, with set steps to achieve them. You will quickly determine exactly what issues need to be addressed and they will provide sound solutions. Go to the ActionCOACH website to find a coach in your area. Thoroughly recommended!

Measure the success

Measure the success of your business regularly using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which enable you to judge how well your business is performing. Read how to set them here.

KPIs can be used to monitor the performance of projects and compare them, manage costs, keep track of hours, improve your team’s efficiency and more.

Some examples of KPIs you can set for a project are:

  • Costs vs budget for a project

  • Project progress relative to the schedule and milestones

  • Number of hours spent on different aspects of the project

  • Number of snagging items/defects to address